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The Snitch: a ProCo Rat clone project

There are many Rat clone projects out there, but this one is mine. This is a part-for-part clone of the original Rat circuit. There are no extra pots or switches…just three knobs of ass-kicking tone in a small PCB form factor. It’s laid out for 1N4148 / 1N914 diodes, but you could use pretty much whatever you want to mimic the various Rat version. My suggestions:

  • 1N4148 / 1N914 – Classic Rat
  • LEDs (diffused) – Turbo Rat
  • BAT41 or similar Schottky diode – You Dirty Rat (please don’t waste a real Germanium diode on a YDR build)
  • 1x 1N914 + 1x LED – Overpriced boutique Rat variant with an unnecessarily self-aggrandizing name

This board *should* fit in just about any standard enclosure larger than 1590A. The pots are not board-mounted, so you can cram this thing in all sorts of project spaces.

Rat Clone Project Files

Click here to download project files for The Snitch. What’s included:

  • Schematic Image
  • PCB Image (top layer)
  • Gerber files (to be used to order a set of PCBs)
  • Eagle CAD files (for making modifications of your own, if desired)

You can use the zipped gerber files to order from fab houses like JLCPCB, Elecrow, SeeedStudio, and many others. I’m working on a short guide on how to order PCBs, and when it’s done I’ll link it here.

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Rat clone schematic

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