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I have spent countless hours pouring over the circuits and notes that used to be hosted on a strange little website called Folk Urban (used to but it’s gone now). These so-called “circuit snippets” from a guy named Tim Escobedo (RIP) has inspired so many DIY pedal hobbyists to build pedals, create new circuits, and learn about electronics. Tim’s impact on the DIY pedal scene cannot be overestimated. His amazing insights and creative ideas will be sorely missed.

There are several mirrors of his old site and content, but I wanted to post my own tribute because his work really inspired me (and still does). Shown below are my personal favorites of his “snippets”, and I’ve also packaged up all his schematics into a single zip file: Tim Escobedo’s Circuit Snippets. This collection of circuit snippets is a great jumping-off point for a lot of exploration. Download, share, and enjoy!

Here are my favorite circuits from the many wonderful designs that comprise Tim Escobedo’s Circuit Snippets:

Jinx Fuzz

Tim Escobedo's Jinx Fuzz

Idiot Wah

Tim Escobedo's Idiot Wah

Push Me, Pull You

Tim Escobedo's PushMe PullYou

Digital Octaver Fuzz

Tim Escobedo's Circuit Snippets


Wobbletron is a single univibe stage

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