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AstroClone – An Astrotone Fuzz clone

Thought I’d redraw the classic Astrotone circuit and tinker around a bit. With some mods, it sort of reminds me of a light-weight version of the Colorsound Overdriver. The schematic in the File Pack below has the vintage parts values (to the best of my knowledge). I’m calling this the AstroClone since it’s an Astrotone Fuzz clone (duh).

Included in the AstroClone File Pack is artwork for etching (600 DPI), schematic and layout images, and Eagle CAD files.

And below is the BOM for my take on the circuit. I dropped the tone control because it’s useless. I also changed up things a bit to get a little more output and a little more grit.

R1 – 2M2
R2 – 33K
R3 – 1M
R4 – 470K
R5 – 2K2
R6 – omit
C1 – 1µ
C2 – 47n
C3 – 47n
C4 – 47n
D1 – BAT41 (any schottky will work)
D2 – 1N914 (any silicon will work)
Q1 – 2N4401
Q2 – 2N5089
GAIN – B250K
VOL – A25K

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